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The story of my trip to the grocery store

Mr. Silly

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Yesterday Mrs. Grumpy asked me to get a couple items from the grocery store.  This made me feel useful.  On my way I have to go through a intersection to a major street.  Yesterday it was backed up and I had to wait through two lights to get across.  This made me feel impatient.  I go to the store and made my purchases and headed home.  This made me feel productive.  I took a route home that is a little quicker unless I get stopped by a light, then it takes a little longer.  This made me feel like a gambler.  I was stopped by the light.  This made me feel aggravated.  I got to the intersection that was backed up on my way to the store and it was still backed up.  But I noticed a car going the other way with its flashers blinking.  This made me feel curious.  I inched forward and saw a couple bikes lying in the road in front of the car with the flashers.  There was an adult with what looked like a young (late elementary or early middle school age) lying on the side of the road.  This made me feel concerned.  I saw a couple more people rush over to the boy and heard sirens in the distance.  This made me feel relieved that there was already enough help.  So made a quick turn and took a different route home.  

The End

Epilogue -- The unexpected backup at the intersection went past a alley that paralleled the major road.  I think the boys cut between the cars to cross the street and continue riding in the alley.  There was a car coming from the opposite direction and the boys popped in front of the car.  


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11 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Too sad to even ask you what you  bought 

As long as it didn't include pumpkin spice.  But since it was yesterday and pumpkin spice season hadn't started yet... probably not.


Hope the kids are OK.


Popping "in front of the car" is not something I like to do on my bike.


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