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2020-09-02 Birthdays

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Thanks everyone!! Not planning anything special, but may get a takeout meal. Catching a ride to Billings tomorrow to bring the VW home.

One fun thing I did was to send in my birthday to a tv station in Billings. Ed McIntosh is the weatherman for the station and also the dj on classic country that we listen to on Sunday morning. I always begin my call to Ed on Sunday, with "Hello from Miles City". So when I sent in the birthday notice, for the name I used "Hello from Miles City" and explained that Ed would know what was happening. Then, of course, I had to give my name and phone number. When the news lady and Ed listed the birthdays this morning, there it was "Hello from Miles City" 78. They both got a laugh over the listing, and she mentioned that he must know me. He indicated that I was a frequent caller on Sunday morning. She faintly mentioned my name at the end, but doubt many heard her. Now, I'll have to wait and see if he wishes me a Happy Birthday when I call in on Sunday morning.

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