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9/2 miles,kms, calories and corn dogs


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28 past llamas, hemp fields, horses & pastures. The hemp is about waist high & there was a combine out today. I have not seen the harvest before so I don't know if that is how it is harvested. Not nearly as many fields this year. Bad year last year? Seemed like it really stunk last year as i was riding. So maybe not ready yet? I dunno

About 1.5 this morning taking Eos to swim. It wasn't warm yet so no floaters on the river. A few SUP & kayaks & canoes. And a yogurt class outside

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1 hour ago, Square Wheels said:

Nice pics @groupw.  Where are the people?

Being it’s Wednesday, I’m guessing most were at school or work. I encountered 5 other cyclists, a few walkers, a guy and a dog who almost brought me to a stop before the guy reined in the dog, a beautiful young mom with her little daughter and dog, 3 deer, 2 rabbits, squirrels grasshoppers, bumblebees and hummingbird moths. It wasn’t lonely. :)


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8 hours ago, groupw said:

And we get our own firm of mineral water on the trail!



I am jealous of the hummingbird moths. We have a ton of petunias out front, but I just haven't seen any of the moths this year. 

And of course I always love bumblebees. :)

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3 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

Well???? WTF are the corn dogs?  I opened this solely for the corn dogs, and got none :(

I made a steak and cheese sandwich for dinner but had no corn dogs. Do chili dogs count? I made those Tuesday night. I’d post a picture by my photos are banned now.

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