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I actually paused mid-sentence today during a conference call because I realized I wasn't sure if I should use wholesale or wholescale.   I ended up just using a different word but when I looked it up, apparently either would have been correct.   I honestly can't recall which one I've used in the past and why I suddenly focused on it now.

Are there words that you have to think about before using or that you don't use because you sometimes forget exactly what they mean?  Or words that other people frequently use incorrectly that bother you?


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3 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:

Your crazy!  What is wholescale?  



Pronunciation /ˈhəʊlskeɪl/


another term for wholesale
‘After mounting pressure from independent financial advisers across the UK, Tiner is to promise a wholescale review of charging.’
another term for wholesale


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