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How much of your pandemic hoard of toilet paper do you have left?


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40 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

I am down to 5 rolls, but they are the fuzzy math rolls where Charmin considers each roll to be the equivalent of 4 rolls somehow.

Wo7 has some anxiety about certain items not being available in times of need. TP is one of those. Every trip to Costco (every two weeks) picks up a pack. These are Costco packs that will stock a large college dormitory. We have three. 

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You have to remember that my house fire on 3/3-4 meant that I had NOTHING in storage when the pandemic hit.

I was lucky to find a 4- or 6-pack of Scott toilet paper as I moved into my furnished apartment.

Costco sells toilet paper in 30 pack packages arranged in five 6-packs.  I got one of those in late march.  I finished the Scotts and am in the middle of the first of the five 6-packs of Costco's Kirkland brand TP.

I figure I've got at least a year's left and I should be back into my house by then.

The same with Kleenex.  Costco sells the long-box version of Kleenex in 12-packs, so I've got enough for years.

The same with Paper Towels, which I go through a lot, mainly because I use them as bibs, etc. when I'm eating food in my recliner in front of the TV.  I've got two 12-packs of 160 sheet (tearable into half-sheets) Kirkland that are almost 50% bigger than the 110 sheet Bounty and the Kirkland paper towels are virtually identical to Bounty in quality.

I now have enough paper products to last until I'm back in my house.


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Never hoarded.  Got down to just a few rolls once and when I asked on our neighborhood FB page where I could find TP I was pointed to a store where I went and bought a good sized package and then different neighbors dropped off TP, so we were overstocked and ended up giving some away too.

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