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A first yesterday...after the launch


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Nice pics.  I managed to find numerous spoonbill north of the cape along the drive out to the National Seashore, but that was years ago when I was down in Orlando working.  That whole area is my favorite part of the state.  I still think I should have bought a house in or around Titusville back when the prices were driven way down at the end of the shuttle program.

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28 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:


Yeah, I wasn't certain. Went into the second part of the park where RV's check in - and the part I had been to in the past picnic lunch with that small jetty - and asked the Ranger. Initially he was suggesting other long fish, such as snook which are active now, until I showed him on my camera. Confirmed it was a barracuda. While one photo has the new 'flyover' bridge, that last photo looing out is from the remains of the old 'ground level' draw bridge where they have permanently removed the center section. It shows both jetties with the photos taken from the longer one yesterday.

The barracuda was perhaps 2.5 to 3 foot long. There were two of them but one went deeper as I changed lens. The ranger noted that there are multiple reefs in the area that they frequent, and also makes fishing great.

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