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A warning to all chicken farmers.

team scooter

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Ghost chickens in the sky.. ;)


"Their beaks were black and shiny and their eyes were blazing red.

They didn't have no feathers, these chickens all were dead.

They picked that farmer up, and he died by the claw.

They cooked him extra crispy, and ate him with coleslaw."


The guys cracking up is the best part.... :D

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Mr. Straight Face guitar player on the left - what a hoot!

Yep, thats kind of his schtick. Hes actually one of my new favorite guitarists. AND in the video, he just happens to be playing my favorite guitar in the whole world. A silver sparkle Telecaster.  :wub: 

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I've grown to really like the Marty Stuart Show; it's become part of my Sunday evening routine - but I'm sorry, I change the channel for Leroy Troy's segment.  Guitarist "Cousin Kenny" is fantastic.


And I think the "Fabulous Superlatives" is a band name I wish I'd thought of myself.

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