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If Your Opening Remarks In Your Own Ads Are "We Aren't Ripping You Off"

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11 hours ago, Scrapr said:

Tom Selleck the new Wilford Brimley?

Could be?  I think the demographic that watched "Blue Bloods" was susceptible to this sort of advertising.  Not sure what Wilford did to get his rep except play Kramer's nemesis in the Post Master General episode.

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I think I've mentioned here before that I lost all respect for Tom Selleck with the reverse mortgage ads.

Despite the fact that Congress passed laws correcting some of scam parts of reverse mortgage contracts, Selleck tells listeners he wouldn't be doing the commercials if he thought a single person had ever been cheated by a reverse mortgage.  There are other clear lies and misleading statements.

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Right now, I've been waiting 45 minutes for a Verizon technician to answer the phone.

I'm told being their customer is "very important to us."

Yet, the Verizon store guy told me to say "No!" when the answering robot for Customer Service asks if I'm a Verizon customer to get a 1-4 minute wait.  Otherwise, "Yes," results in an hour plus wait!

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