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I was on my ride the other evening, and was slowly approaching a woman on a road bike making good time.  She would catch and pass folks and then I would pass them as well, and over a few miles she was within throwing distance.  At that point, I noticed she was still going the same pace (relatively fast), but that there was a couple in front of her that she was now riding behind.  I figured she was just waiting to pass them at a safe spot - especially since both bikes had racks with rear panniers on them.  Anyway, as I got closer, I noticed 1) they were dressed relatively normally (street clothes) and 2) had identical rear tail lights.  Ding-ding!  Ebikes!

They must have noticed the gal or she was fading, but eventually they dropped her on short uphill, and I caught and passed her.  That allowed me to close the gap to them as we neared a nice flat stretch, and I settled in about 20' back behind them to let them give me a little draft and use their electric motors to my advantage. :)  Anyway, eventually they noticed me back behind them just noodling along, and the guy started looking over his shoulder more often.  As I was pretty happy where I was - riding about as hard as normal but with a 1-2mph gain from the draft, I was not going to pass them or move up right behind them.

As we approached a point where the road goes up for a few miles at a relatively steady 2-3%, I noticed him chatting with his partner and glancing back.  We were approaching another roadie, and they rolled quickly past him, and I realized they had also chosen that point - the bottom of the ascent - to put the hammer down.  With the roadie just in front of me, but them now 50' or more ahead and accelerating fast, I hopped out of the saddle and went off to chase them.  After a short time, I had regained my 20' gap off the lady's wheel, but her husband kept increasing his gap to her - from just in front to 10', 20', then 30'+ ahead.  I opted to not pass her since I assumed 1) they would come  back together soon enough and 2) if I did get in front of her and then him, I'd feel like I need to keep the pace high for the foreseeable future of the ride, and I wasn't interested in that.  Anyway, a mile or so later, he pulled off into a neighborhood, so I knew to slow as well for her to make the turn.  She did, and I continued on my merry way.  Had I know they were finishing where they did, I definitely would have hammered past her and sat right on his wheel smiling.  Maybe next time :D

TL;DR - folks on ebikes still seem to want to race.  Seems a bit douchy, but it is what it is.

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