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At the corner of Stone Avenue and Poinsett Highway


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In Greenville was once a Hess station. Hess was an interesting choice for Greenville with almost no one patronizing the gas station.

The thing I remember about the Hess station, having stopped there once to fill up the spitfire, was it was the only station open past 10:00 at a time when no other station would be open for miles.

It was also the first and only station at the time with a glass window separating the customer from the clerk. This was very odd in my Greenville.

The station was torn down ? over 15 years ago and has been an empty lot since.

I pass this spot when I visit MomCheese on my way home from work.

Almost without fail, I think about the young local university student who lost his life one night many years ago. He was a clerk at the Hess station. I didn't know him, never knew his name, but when I pass this vacant lot, I am sad for the loss.

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Looks like his name might have been Nathan Wix.

You feel the sense of loss for Nathan, his family, but also for the family that never was because of the senseless act. :(

I also wonder if anyone else ever thinks about Mr. Wix since I can't find anything else on the web.


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