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650 lumens on the bars
500 on the helmet.

I point them a short distance from me so as not to blind oncoming (albeit sparse) traffic. If I leave in the dark I turn them all the way up. As it gets light I turn off the helmet light and turn down the bar light.

I have a NR650 on my bars pointed far forward NR150 on my helmet pointed down on the road.

A few months ago I picked up a 60 lumen rear flasher that's wicked bright & USB rechargeable. I highly recommend getting one.
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I have a Blackburn flea for the rear.  It lasts for the ride in, but it's a little finicky to charge.  It has a proprietary USB charger.



NR 650 here.  We have a 350 and a 550 too.  We have 4 lights in various stages of charging modes.  

this is my new flashy taillight. It uses a mini USB to charge.



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