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Things in our society that were different before things were "PC"


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Sue's journalism thread got me thinking about how much our society has changed wince I was growing up. Not saying any of this is good or bad, its just the way it was


  • There was no such thing as "Sexual Harrassment". Oh we did it, it just wasn't a big deal. You want a job, don't act like you don't like it, toots
  • Date Rape wasn't a crime. If a girl was at a bar and went home with a guy no DA in the land would prosecute a rape charge. The attitude was "she was asking for it"
  • Gay bashing meant jumping out of a pickup with clubs and literally beating homosexuals. Again, the cops wouldn't do a damn thing about it either
  • People smoked cigarettes everywhere...restaurants, hospitals, mission control at NASA...everywhere 
  • Kids got spanked. Hell, Bill Cosby did a whole routine about getting beaten as a kid
  • No interracial anything on TV or in the media. Diversity? what's that? Shows like the Jeffersons were actually ground breaking because they depicted a black family that was successful and not in the sterotyped roles
  • Archie Bunker was not only overtly racist, he was a TV icon
  • Only 3 networks. You want to watch TV, you had to watch NBC, ABC, or CBS
  • There was a thing called the "Family Hour" in the evening when kids would be watching and no remotely sexual or off color programming was allowed on TV during those hours
  • People drank liquor on TV all the time...Hawkeye had a still, George Jefferson always had a scotch...Lou Grant kept a bottle in his desk...hey, drink up everybody


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