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About  5,000' of climbing, and then, to cap it off, a KOM!!!!!  And a proper @Dirtyhip-type of KOM - all down hill!!!! BOOM!


At about the 1:50 mark, you see the turn off to where the downhill section starts.  A totally accidental KOM, and also a climb I had done earlier with cold legs, so a nice reward to the end of a ride. Only 211 folks even ride this bit of road, so not really a big "KOM", but you take em where you get em :D I also imagine Kevin is planning a trip back up to Skyline to retake the lead.


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1 hour ago, donkpow said:

Nice looking road.

They just paved it fairly recently.  And it gets pretty "easy" use as no trucks are allowed.  But, yeah, I even commented to my wife how buttery smooth it was since last time I rode up there.

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