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New smoke detectors

Road Runner

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So I am putting new detectors in my house, just for drill.  My old ones are like 25 years old.


The instructions say to test them weekly (yeah, right, like that is going to happen).  They also say not to use a lighted item that creates smoke to test them. This is the way I have always tested them in the past.  I don't trust that "push-a-button thing".  I want to know the damn thing can detect smoke, not just whether it can respond to a pressed button.


So how do you test yours?


How many do you have?  The instructions say you should have them in almost all rooms, except the kitchen (where most home fires usually start, I would guess). 

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We have 10 or 12 of them.  They're everywhere.


We test them regularly by way of burning things in the oven.  One goes off, they all go off, including the 2 in the garage.  It get's damn loud and scares the crap out of the cats.  They try to hide from it, but they're all going off.  This makes me chuckle.

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Four 120v hard wired detectors; basement, first floor, second floor, attic; one goes off and a signal line sets them all off.  Also wired into a relay control that shuts down the whole house fan and the attic ventilation fan so the fans don't feed a fire by drawing fresh air into the house and so they don't pull smoke through the house.


Test with the test button and on occasion with a kitchen incident.

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