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The story of saltwater taffy is interesting I think.  I am not sure though.


We had a Sheltie when I was a kid.  Her name was Taffy, but her AKC name was WD Saltwater Taffy.


That dog and I were joined at the hip.  She went everywhere I did.  Followed me off the leash, would always be at heel.  Stopped and sat when we came to corners and waited until I told her she could cross the road.  She would sit at the door and cry if I left the house without her.


Darrel Beavers threw a frisbee at her and she ran home, unfortunately, that took her right in front of a car.  I remember sitting in the street holding that poor bloody dog.  She died, or was put down at the vet's office.  I never saw her again.  


She was a good dog.

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jsharrs Taffy story brokemy heart. Growing up we had a Border Collie named Taffy. When she passed, she was chasing a butterfly in the back yard. Taffy was in her 14th year...her heart gave out.


Now I miss all my doggies.


Even the dumbass doberman.

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