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Good morning North Amurrica!

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It is light here now. Ruby’s breakfast time is 8 am so that is my hard stop for sleeping. Thankfully her stomach clock is more consistent at 5 PM. I much preferred free feeding, but the little prima donna has to have her dry food wetted and seasoned with bacon bits. She ralphed too many times the old way.  

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Already had breakfast and just pouring my second coffee.

Going to load up the bikes in a little while and go to one of our favorite trails for a nice autumn ride among colourful trees.

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Been up for a good long while. Completing some orders for our business, second cup of coffee, and running the 3D printer making stuff for my fish tank. 
Later it is going to the botanical garden with the family and maybe after that I'll go fishing. 

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I've already balanced a set of drag slicks and done a completely new setup for the small black super stock car.  In addition to the 13.5 motor and the 5 lb min weight this class cannot have wheelie bars so the new setup is to allow more suspension travel without wheelstanding.  Test and tune tomorrow.  The season is almost over for me and I've been ducking the races anyway because of the virus.  The new chassis for next years big block street outlaw will be here by Christmas.

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