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Trinidad Scorpion

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2 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:

I would if I was there. I just bought a couple habaneros at the farm stand. I nibble on those in between bites of sandwich, carefully avoiding the seeds. Haven’t eaten any habs this year so figured I was overdue. 
Have you tried the scorpions yet?

I’m afraid to, lol.

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51 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

This chart rated it closer to the reaper


The jalapeño always gets shortchanged in those scales.   It should definitely have a range. I would say on average there is no way they are just 8000/275000 as strong as a habanero. 

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I can eat most jalapeños comfortably. I like to cook with habanero and scotch bonnets and I like habanero salsa on my eggs. There used to be a place that sold ghost pepper cheese. I really liked it on bison burgers. I could eat it as a cheese, but it would get a little uncomfortable after a few bites. 

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