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Nuances perhaps not noticed by those with non-Asian faces

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I found this videoclip interesting.  It confirmed what I felt about Japan and modern society when I was there.  I personally think my experience was influenced by:

  • having an Asian face where travelling in Asian country as a tourist,  other "Asians" are trying to figure out one another from afar:  a tourist, local or?  (This is what happens when one is a visible minority and then goes to a country where the majority Asian, plus ton of other tourists from Asian countries, U.S.  You really pay attention more to cultural style of dress, walking and their language.) I'm not like this in Canada at all.
  • born in a multicultural society as a visible minority. Yes, no matter what people think there is racism, Black Lives Matter I support. However Canada is a society with all its problems seen by First Nations, is an immigrant based society that alone fosters people higher posssibility of openness to a new life, change and experiencing acculturation.  It makes our society...in long run....waay more open in our personal long term relationships despite some problems/anger, etc.  It gives our society a frontier mentality of embracing change, innovation, etc.
  • 2nd generation Asian-Canadian probably helps in appreciation how cultural divides can be crossed or just impossible because of societal pressures.

I think being white and living in Japan is probably better.

You are treated differently, I sensed this with dearie a guy with naturally graceful manners and softer male voice that is non-threatening.  Japan is lovely is visit as tourist...so clean ,organized and feels safe.  But that is a society for myself to live long-term, I could not be myself completely :    with less tolerance for feminists, LGBQT, non-criminal rebels. For sure, in such a society as a woman, far more difficult to realize your own potential independently.  

Woman below is born, raised and lived in Japan for lst 25 yrs. She left for CAnada.  Not sure if she is in that clip, in VAncouver (alot of Japanese nationals like to spend months taking English) or Toronto.


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  • shootingstar changed the title to Nuances perhaps not noticed by those with non-Asian faces

22 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Oldest son would do anything to be able to go back to Japan and teach engrish again.  He loved that place.

sounds like some parts of Asia are for him. He was born in the wrong country  ;) but then if he was born in any of those countries, he might have become a very different person...wanting to leave one of those countries.

  I really believe it's not genetics, but culture, society and family upbringing shapes a person.

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29 minutes ago, Page Turner said:

...so tell me. Do all us white people look alike to you ? :ph34r:

Well, my mother said when she first immigrated to Canada....alot of whites looked the same to her.  

But to answer your question:  For me, no alot of whites look diferent.

My niece who is half-white, gets more white faces mixed up when she watches tv/movies.  She tweets out this problem ..to the whole world. :D  

It is an interesting question....alot of Asian babies can "appear" the same.  I had a half-joking argument with another Chinese-Canadian friend.  She thought all Asian babies had black hair. i said absolutely not....based on my younger siblings as babies, I remembered them so much with dark fine brown hair....which turned black in a few months.  Of course, this baby difference you wouldn't know unless one hangs around often with alot of Asian descent folks.


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It's like noticing natural textures and shades of black for undyed Asian hair.  Some Asian truly is naturally wavy but very heavy and thick. Other like mine, is finer but thick (well in my older years, I'm probably losing some thickness). The best hair is natural jet black (almost blue black), heavy,  coarse and straight.  There are differences within my own family.

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