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Sam’s weird jugs

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Milk from the LGS was turning skunky well before the expiration date. I decided to get some from Sam’s instead. Price is good. No skunkiness. But the milk jugs have a weird shape. The seal is a pain in the arse to open the first time. But they pour much better than a conventional jug. 


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My doctor recommended organic milk if I was going to use milk. She said I shouldn’t chance all the stuff that could be in regular milk with my conditions. I discovered that they ultra pasteurize organic milk and it keeps in the fridge for six weeks. That works for me because sometimes it takes a month for me to use a half gallon of milk.

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That is actually an improved design and what Costco has been doing for years. It allows flat stacking those long crates/boxes at the store. Previously, Sam's had the raised spout of a more traditional jug. To accommodate that the bottom was aggressively indented. Problem was, you couldn't see the indent and what looked like 1/4 gallon remaining was more like a 1/16 gallon remaining. 

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