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Temperature 23F and wind chill of 17F

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Arrived home around 3:30am from a trip to Billings. Took a small load of sheep for the Monday sale. Generally take them on Sunday, but a storm is moving into Billings area. I drove  about half the trip in snow. It was nice to head back east and get out of the snow about half way. Still had to watch out for icy bridges.

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It's only the middle of October!! :(

I went to camp after work Friday. Was 2/3 of the way there when I ran into a blizzard....the kind of snow that drives right into your headlights. I couldn't even see the road. It was ridiculous. Car behind me was not gaining on me; they were going slowly also. Truck got squirrelly, and I instantly threw it into 4WD. It wasn't until I was about 3 miles from camp that I finally settled down.

Way too early for this crap.

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32 degrees right now..but sunny..got the last of my flowers off the deck yesterday and activated my seasonal allergies to the max :wacko: Like fall...wish it would last until mid November ...but somehow I doubt it.

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3 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

Huh?  I thought the "Fall & Winter is HERE :hapydance:" crowd would love the Fall and Winter weather? 

I'm counting the days until spring and longer days!  But I'll settle for 60+ weather until then :)

When it's time. It's not time yet. 

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I just put an extra fleece blanket on my bed, but don't have the flannel sheets yet. :nodhead:

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