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Lone Star Tick

Parsnip Totin Jack

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oh great, those disease carrying varmints have got a new one to worry about.  These newly discovered ticks from the west are spreading a new disease throughout the south and eastern seaboard.  Apparently their bite can create an allergy to red meat in their host, turning people into unwilling vegans.  The bite creates an immune system response that causes swelling, hives and itching when red meat is consumed.  The allergies have shown up on the east coast and in Europe.


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Ain't no way on God's green earth that He would create a tick that makes people not like red meat and then have it named after Texas.  I bet some hippy atheist named the disease.


If they ever visit Texas, we will be sure to give them a real warm, Judge Roy Bean style welcome.  You know, HANG out the welcome mat for the low down dirty horse thievin' rascals.


I am sure that He created this tick and the making yankees and other foreigners not eat our meat is part of His divine wisdom.  I was not blaspheming, please understand that.

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Yours. I'd never rate my own rant, that's something EPG would do.

Excellent point.  Yours did not lay any blame on the innocent and cast aspersions upon them based solely on their race, creed, religion, etc. so I am going to have to give it a 10 for restraint.

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