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Do you worry about expiration dates on food?  Do you only keep milk for 7 days after opening it?  WOuld you use a spice that was 3 years past expiration?


Not too much, but I tend to rotate and analyze my pantry often.  I tend to taste my ingredients, as I cook.  This can be problematic with serrano peppers.  OOF!


Seriously, good cooks know their ingredients and taste for perfection.  Peppers can be mild to hot. I want my food perfect for my husband to enjoy. It makes me so happy to make him happy.

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Destination: Glad to know I'm not the only one w ridiculous exp dates on some stuff. (blushy)


Hell...I just emptied the pantry. I am way to ashamed to admit the date on some of that stuff. I will admit to the can of mushroom sour that was a bit swollen.

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