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The Story of the Glass Full of Spoons

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As you know, my family used to go to the Catskills every summer.  It was a big ramshackle house with no heat, but it had a yard and lots of bedrooms which is something our city apartment didn't have.  This made me excited..  My grandmother grew up in the Catskills and had originally purchased the house when my Mom was young.  Once my grandfather got sick, my parents purchased it from my Grandma.  Going there made me feel nostalgic because the "big room" had all sorts of old books and toys and records from when my Mom and her siblings were young.  It always felt like going into a big toy museum when we'd explore in the "big room".  That made me feel adventurous .

Because the dining table in the "big room" was filled with decades of stuff, we'd all eat at the big table in the kitchen.  The kitchen itself was a big room and it had a table over twice the size of the one in our city apartment. This made me feel very grand.  My grandmother would come up to the country with us, and she was a wonderful baker.  There was always activity in the kitchen and wonderful scents.  This made me eager to hang out in the kitchen.

My grandmother always kept a glass full of teaspoons in the middle of the kitchen table.  I never asked why she did that, it was just accepted that's where the spoons went.  That made me feel very traditional.  If you needed a fork, you'd have to go over to the built in drawers on the side of the kitchen, but a spoon was right there, ready to be used.   People would sit around the kitchen table having tea and coffee, and the spoons were right there.  In the afternoon if you wanted ice cream, no need to hunt down a spoon.  If you were cooking and needed to add some ingredients, the spoons were handy.  This all made me feel very practical.

But every summer I would put one dessert fork in with the spoons.  This made me feel devilish.  Every time someone went for a spoon and got the fork we'd all laugh. My grandmother would act all annoyed, but only later did I realize that she'd always put the fork back in the glass so that we could have our evil fun the next time. This makes me feel all nostalgic about my grandmother.

Today I was making lunch and needed a spoon I was trying to grab one from the dish drainer by the side of the sink, but I kept getting forks.  This made me feel that somewhere my grandmother was laughing.

The End.

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