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If you could run with FtD, would you?

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Let's say Mercury offered you a spot, not as a peasant, but some new category like tag-a-long.  You would not be disqualified for time (this only applies to you) as you would surely never make the finish.
I'd try one marathon, but I don't think I could ever build up the strength and endurance to do the whole thing.
What is mind boggling is while this is a tough and big run, this is just another event on his calendar.
I think it would be interesting to see how far back a mere mortal would finish.

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I figure I'd be with the pack for about 5 minutes, then I'd be running solo the rest of the way.  There is a swamp rabbit segment on my way to work, it's about 2 miles and -1%.  There are almost 3000 people on it and the guy in the lead did it at 27.9 mph.  I did it at 24.8.  From what Dorothy and Toto say the pack typically travels at 27 or so for their easy pace.  That seems impossible to me, but then I'm not a professional runner.

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