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Weekend plans?

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Mine is action packed.  


Tonight, a nice meal for my sweetie and early bedtime.


Saturday a big segment hunt and a long MTB ride alone with my inner demons. 


Sat night a dinner party.  I don't have to bring anything or cook anything.   :D


Sunday, a ride with a group of our local vixens.  I seem to be the catalyst that rounds them up these days.  Say my name and watch them come.  HAHA  I have to make some food, maybe Naan bread and a salad for the potluck Sunday.


Sunday night, potluck at the pump track.  Hope to pump like crazy into the night.


I should clean the house at some point, meh.

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Birthday part for 10yo grand daughter tonight

bike ride in the morning

pickup new bike tires at the LBS

replace a leaky cold water valve at the washing machine

visit FIL Saturday evening

church Sunday morning

no other plans but I'm sure I'll find something to do

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We're taking the kids to the amusement park at some point. 

Gotta cut the grass front and back.

We finally got our stump ground* so I need to topsoil and seed - I'm tired of looking at it (and tired of mowing around it).

My wife has to work for a few hours so I'll be keeping the kids busy.


I hope there's time for a ride after all that.  To be honest, the singletrack at Clayton Park is calling me. 




*this is an embarrassment - the stump from the tree that Sandy dropped on our house almost two years ago

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I'm going to do exactly and everything Tude tells me to do.  I'll do it without an lip, hesitation or drama.


You guys may not know this but, she kinda runs this relationship.  





I would never cross that woman.  I am humbled and intimidated by her.   :nod head:

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I hope to ride 90 miles tomorrow.  It appears the temp will be moderately mild (high of 102, but that should be at around 3-4 pm,  and dew pt about 50).  bike ride, then church on Sunday.  Sunday afternoon is usually just relaxing with mrs_az_cyclist.

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