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Rock Bands will come..Rock Bands will go...


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but this is the stupidest shit I've heard is a long time


I'll save you having to read the article, but somebody who I've never heard of before (so I'm assuming they're a modern pop star) called Aubrey O'Day got "punched in the back of the head" during a band meeting that got out of hand


Now this is the part that made me want to say..huh? :huh:


O'Day filed a police report against bandmate Dawn Richards saying there were witnesses that could confirm her allegations.


"I cannot condone or excuse any form of physical violence, particularly at the hands of someone I considered family," she continued.


She called the COPS on her BAND???


I'm going to say that again: a rock star CALLED THE COPS on their BAND????


so she can't condone violence from someone she considered family, but had no problem at all calling the cops and having the bitch chucked in a holding cell?


What about all the legendary dust ups in rock history?


What happened to the days of Pete and Roger wailing on each other until their arms got tired?


has rock gone so soft that pop stars call the cops when they get their hair messed up?


Keith Moon must be spinning in his grave!


I love the way the article ends..."In a joint statement, Bex and O'Day added: "We know it must be devastating for our fans to have spent the last twelve months supporting our every move, and for that we cannot apologize enough."


Hmmm...12 months, so this is one of those flash in the pan pop acts and their fans are "devastated"?


Why not work it out and get back on Tour? What did Keef do when Brian Jones stole his girl?


no wait, I got that backwards...Keef stole Anita from Brian, and then Brian turned up dead in the bottom of a swimming pool


but THAT's how rockers are supposed to get on with things after a dust up! Listen, you don't go crying to the police! you go on a 9 day heroine jag and turn up dead in a seedy motel!


WTF has this country come to when not even our Rock and Rollers have the balls anymore to fistfight and get back up on stage?


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Punching someone in the head is not an acceptable thing to do.  Good for her for calling the police.   Civility is what separates us from animals.  



no, blue jeans is what separates us from the animals


I had a critter try and bite my legs just yesterday, but I had jeans on

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