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I just got texted an awesome pic


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That's great news, still as I parent I can't imagine the pain they are in.

It's a big deal.  She was just placed in the hospital the same time that G was going in for his surgery.  She was being transferred to another facility the day G went under.  God, that was hard.  Hard to watch them go though that, especially while my little boy was going back to the OR. 


They were there for 5 months.  She is an ICU nurse and has now lost her job.  He worked locally at a manufacturing facility.  He still has his job as far as I know. I think that appox a week and a half they could come home.  But I am not sure if both of them will be able to work right away?  Not sure what type home care the little girl will need.  It's a nightmare.  But one that is trending towards having a happy ending.


Can you imagine  being in a city 4 hours away for 5 months, not being able to work, no friends or support network, no clear vision as to the direction you are going to go from here?  For now I think that they still have their house and farm.  I know that there has been a lot of money raised to help, and I know that the emergency employee assistance has paid at least one mortgage payment...But it is going to take a while to get everything caught back up and get back on their feet again from this. 

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