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Not many things as satisfying


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A few years ago, I ripped out almost all the carpet in my place. The front entrance, kitchen, hall and washroom have ceramic tile. Everything else has laminate. The only carpet left is on the stairs into the basement, and that's only because the basement is low on the priority list.


Laminate is a huge improvement over carpet. 

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I found that tack strips hurt in the middle of the night when you step on them! 


They are not as bad as trying to remove the 1 billion staples from holding the carpet pad down! 

I hate those staples.


And yes, the laminate is a huge improvement over carpet. 

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:nod head:   I want my carpet out....but I am thinking vinyl planking  ????  But...I would  take laminate if you all wan to do the install for me  :P

It's really not too terribly hard.  If I lived closer would be happy to help.  I was doing all the cuts with a dull blade on a compound miter saw and a skill saw.  Borrowed my neighbor's table saw and that made a huge difference. 


I'm fixing to go get the trim to cut now.

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Our first house that this dingy, worn orange carpet that had probably been down for 30 years.  Cutting that up and ripping it out; who knows what sort of filth I released into the air.


Underneath that was the foam padding, which was all dryrotted and stuck to the floor in places.  I got the wet mop and I used a rubber dustpan as a scraper/squeegee.


Underneath that was a glorious, shiny hardwood floor.  We were amazed.


So yeah, that was pretty satisfying.

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Part of the remodeling of this "new" house will be to put down hardwood flooring on the entre bottom floor except the laundry room and the master bath.  Those will be tile.

Just an option to look at, we put a bamboo floor down when we first moved in.. It is holding up stronger then the oak that was here before us. IIRC it is a tiger strip bamboo that is roughly 3/4 inch thick. Easy to work with and looks great! 


looks just like this picture



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We just got a quote to do all the floors in our house that are not hardwood yet.  Our problem is that we have a sunken den and tons of doorways.  Labor to remove carpet and install hardwoods in three bedrooms, our den, office, dining room and a hallway was around 6k in labor and we supply all the material.

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