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My wife's first "race"

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My wife bought a license this year and has tried out a time trial a couple of times and today she entered her first training race.  It's a popular training race for our area, but there are no points.  SInce she's a new Cat 4 woman shrides with women and juniors.  Today she was lucky there was another woman to ride with, plus a bunch of teenage boys and one very your girl, maybe 10 or 12.


Starting line




Cute little kid, she worked damn hard.




There was a sprint in the middle and the two women agreed my wife would take that, then they agreed the other woman would win.


If this were a couple of guys I doubt it would have been this friendly.  :)



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That is so cool!! Must confess: if I were that other woman, I doubt I'd have made the agreement. Too competitive.

Sure looks like a great day for a race.

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The weather was perfect.  A little cool, sunny and no wind.  They talked the whole way about their plan.  I told her the only plan was to win, even if it's a training race with no points.  Women...

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