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11/21 miles & such

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4 1/2 miles in the woods and on the camp road. Chilly today, 32°.  Started on the camp road with the Hei Hei, but turned around and got the fattie. It rolled a lot better on the road today. 


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9 hours ago, Zackny said:

9.5 on foot


9.5 miles on foot?! Did your car break down??

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Did a lot of steps at Tallulah gorge with our son. 


oh look more steps...I was suckin wind by the time I got to the top. 


the bridge was cool 


the view from the bridge 



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Gym. 1.3 dreadmill; full set of machines; ochos on the BP (feeling those today); PTs; agilities & some stretching.  

I can feel the deleterious effects of traveling the last 8 months. 

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