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The water park


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At first glance it looks like a contest to see who can show the most skin.


But after spending the day I realized it's a contest to see who has the most skin.


I may be tall but I didn't come anywhere near the podium.



What does it mean when a young woman has a lower back tattoo of two very realistic eyes? 


Another one took the suspense out of it - she had the text, "ALL EYES ON ME".


yes, a lot of head-shaking moments today.  But the kids had a great time.

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LIve and let skin show. If you don't like it, look another direction. That's my  motto.

True...but there are times when I can be a judgemental ass....then I feel bad about it. Then I go have a cookie and all is square with the world.

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I had a summer gig one year playing guitar in a pop cover band at Wet N Wild in Dallas


we called it "Wet n Wiggly"


it was awesome. Me and my best friend were in the band together, so we drove down together. one of the perks was we got free day passes to the park, so we'd give them to our friends and girlfriends and whatnot


We had to do something like 6 sets a day, 6 days a week, but we got paid pretty well


and we spent a summer in the 80s at the water park, which was back in the 80s fitness craze, so a bikini park was not a bad place to be

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I am,perfectly fine with this thread not having pictures in it.


yes,  I think some have overestimated the attractiveness-in-general of the attendees at the (suburban-Philadelphia, south Jersey) water park.


If overweight people are secure enough in their body image to want to show it off I don't have a problem with it, stretch marks be damned.  I know I'm going to sound like a prude but I feel like a lot of people were showing more skin than I wanted my kids to see.

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