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I don't know

Chopped Liver

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Now I'm getting the message that I have insufficient resources to open a directory


The new Windows checks your credit score before it lets you browse a directory on the filesystem


Its telling you that you don't have the money to open that folder. Probably have everything tied up in the move and all

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Here is a funny.  My boss had her hard drive accidentally erased by our IT dept.  She is so pissed.  Here is the kicker.  She sent out a nasty message to all of us that we HAD to make sure all important docs were backed up.  She went on a tirade about how important it was and how it was our responsibility to retain our important docs.  She didn't have a back up at all.  She is a joke.

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And that was entertaining....the screen resolution just reset itself to a lower resolution and wouldn't allow me to reset it until I rebooted.

I'm gonna have to kill someone in IT.  I think they must have updated my computer with some infected bs.



So what day is today?  What day was yesterday?  Tuesday, you say.  Was it the second Tuesday of the month?  It was…..


Can you say "Update Tuesday?"

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