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My pathology report wasn't good

Road Runner

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good luck, RR.  I hope the second procedure shows that it stayed local.


I got the same diagnosis in '98 or '99 - after the initial excision they went back for more tissue (which is what it sounds like you're getting).  It hadn't spread and I've had no recurrence, and I truly wish the same experience for you.  Annual dermatologist inspections are worth it.  


Sunscreen is a bit of a PITA but I guess that's worth it too.

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This will give your dermatologist an excuse to see you naked every six months.  I have an appointment to see mine in a few weeks.  She checks me all over every six months. As far as I know my liberal use of sunblock has been working, I haven't noticed anything new going on this summer.  I thought it would be interesting to watch when they cut out more tissue on my bicep in March.  I started to watch but when I saw how much tissue they were cutting out I had to turn my head, didn't really want to see that.

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