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The vice president called me today


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The vice president of the SS Badger car ferry called me to day (we have been playing phone tag for three days) and left a voice mail that he was trying to contact me about the damage to my bike.

I'm surprised anybody tried to contact me.

So I sent him a email on the things I would like to see changed on how bikes are handled on the ship. 

Will see what happens out of all this.

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I talked to the vice president of the car ferry line for over a half hour today. He wanted to know what I as a bicyclist would like to see the ferry line do to inprove how a bicycle is stowed away on the ship. I emailed to him some photos of how other car ferry's that my wife and I used store bikes.

He said that he did not rrealizeor think that the ships crew rrealizedthat some bike can cost in the thousands. 

I was told to expect a follow up phone call in a few days on what they are doing to inprovend for some more input on what they can do to inprove.

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I did not expect it from some one that high up. I'm happy that he took the time to try to fix one guys complaint.

I was told he going to find out why no one would talk to me about my complaint and they me fill out a survey card. 

It was when I sent a negative post to S.S. Badger carferry on facebook that the vice president took notice.

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