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The SWC 2021 Daily and Total Mileage Thread

Square Wheels

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20 night miles with 1k of gain, wanted more but got another stinking flat! Tis the season, to get flats! Lots of thorns and goat heads around here after a big wind yesterday. I've had 2 flats in the last 4 or 5 rides from perfect thorns, The Perfect Thorn. :D

Just a nice flower I saw right in front of where I parked.


Much cooler than I expected. Low of 55 after the 100+ we've been having, felt chilly. This was my face after I found that old crispy windbreaker and thin worn tights. But hey, they work! Good thing, didn't feel cold at all with them on.


The fun times...............minutes before the flat! Slow leak, thought about doing the pump it up trick for the last

4 miles or so. But, couldn't take the lazy way out! :D



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Only 9.1 miles today. Got a late start and then stopped to talk to one of my Amish neighbors and burned up all my daylight. He has an orchard right out by the road and he was picking apples to make cider. I had to catch up on all the Amish news. Farmer Dave (Jack’s owner) tested positive for Covid. I talked to him from a distance. He said he doesn’t feel bad, just gets tired easy. He said the dogs want to go to bed as soon as it gets dark so he joins them. One sleeps in a crate and the other one sleeps at the foot of the bed.

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25.1 miles tonight, very nice solo evening. A little bit of gain, 1,417 ft.

The high school from where I graduated is just down the street. Didn't realize I caught the name in the pic. :D


Still digging this cheapo XOSS GPS unit and it's auto light. While the Garmin lays dark below.


Totally dark ride tonight. Started a bit late, feel safer not riding into a sunset.


Through in a little climb at the end up to the hiking trail, the road heading up here is dark but nice!



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