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Instead of KOM I almost got the Lanterne Rouge


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I used Strava on this morning's ride, and I see that there's one "climb" on the route I took.  It's a brutal ascent - 1.1 miles at 2%.   ;)  A good chunk of that elevation gain happens within one short segment just beyond the canal bridge.


I did it in just over 6 minutes, at 11mph.  That was good for 11th out of 12 riders.  I know I'm probably just about the slowest climber here; I'm OK with that.   The Strava-best time for this climb is about 3-1/2 minutes, over 19 mph.  To me that actually seems slower than I'd have expected.  But it'd take me a long time to get that fast.


I had no idea about this beforehand, but now that I know it's there I can already feel myself saving the legs for that climb the next time I ride it.  Should be pretty easy to beat 6 minutes the next time; but all the times after that are going to be hard.

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I am bummed that I can only hit the like button once for this thread  


Even if I can't touch certain QOMs, it is really great to measure how faster you get doing segments.  I could never easily track that with a bike computer.   It really helps you measure your progress.  You can analyze your best times during a ride.  Are you fresher in the beginning or at the end.  Everyone is different.  These kind of tools really help when you want to pin a number on yourself.  


Training rules.

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when you guys go training, you really shouldn't be looking at data for the whole ride


If you were doing intervals, you could compare work intervals from different rides, but nobody trains by going out gangbusters the whole time every time


I'm pretty sure you know that and are just being casual in how you are talking about it, but you never know

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