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Do you burn more calories...or less when you


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I live in Petite Canada...obviously the geese are Canadian....I too am a "petite" Canadian  :nod head:   but we are not a country..we are a suburb :P


It would be a happy day if your suburb joined Canada. We might even shut down the trains for a day or two as part of the celebrations.

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:dontknow:   Decisions decisions...I have had a goose wake up call ...right outside my window...and if the dang thing is lost from it's mate...then it goes on forever...But the trains.... :rolleyes:   I noticed last night at least 1 maybe two blew much shorter whistles in the middle of then night...But as I type this..the guy going by right now is loud and long  :rolleyes:    At least another year to 18 mos before we can become a whistle free zone  :(   But the state is gonna help pay for it.

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