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Not in my nose but on the bridge of my nose where my glasses ride. Just before I went to bed I felt an itch on my nose. I lightly scratched it and it started bleeding. I couldn’t find a regular bandage to keep the blood off the bedding, all I could find was these giant bandages that I got for covering up the stitches when they remove a skin cancer.

I put one of those giant bandages on, it covers my whole nose. Woke up this morning and there was no blood on the bedding but my giant bandage is soaked. I wonder what owl have to do to stop the bleeding?

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Stand up because that gets your nose higher than your heart--- may have been part of the problem if you were sleeping.  You might try ice or a wet tea bag to help it stop.

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I left that soggy bandage on for about a half hour after I got up. I noticed it wasn’t dripping blood so I removed it and washed the blood off my nose very gently. Blood thinners are so much fun.

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