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I have a "shift" pre-programming a friend's internet radio station, 10am to noon (uh... Eastern), Monday through Friday.  (He's also the bass player and PA wiz in our little band)  This is set up so royalties are actually paid to the artists - we've tried other legit ways to share music with one another but this one seems to have stuck.


I'm generally playing pop/rock with an emphasis on new and/or indie music, and the show is generally all music - no commercials and I rarely bother recording voice-overs.  This morning's show includes artists you know (Tom Petty, Talking Heads, Derek & the Dominoes, Nick Lowe) and some that you might not (Jeremy Messersmith, Japandroids, Spoon, St. Vincent)  And I usually include at least one Warren Zevon song because he was equal parts awesome and underrated.


If anyone wants to check it out the link is below - I think opening through a media player is the easiest way for it to tell you what you're listening to.



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