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2 hours ago, Forum Administrator said:

It did a pretty decent job of getting the winter grime off the car without having to dunk my hands in cold, soapy water.

In cool and cold weather, I wash my truck using the standard bucket of soapy water and a sponge, but I fill the bucket up inside using warm water from the kitchen sink.  

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In the winter I go to a touchless car wash.

In better days, I started using two buckets.  One to rinse the sponge, one for the soapy stuff.  Trying to keep the scratchy swirl marks off the paint.

Had the car about 18 months now, still in showroom condition and it has 23k on it.

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I have a fleece sponge on a stick, similar to this. It does a pretty decent job, but my cars are not show quality...


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