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My Most Eggsellent Breakfast in a long time.


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So earlier this week, my oldest son asked me if I would like to go to lunch with him sometime this week.  The drive home is 30 minutes so it is an hour of driving, which leaves very little time to each if my lunch hour math is correct.  (I am not as good at mathing as I am at funnying)


So I countered with an offer of breakfast.  He accepted and thus, today at 7 AM I woke him up and off we went to Cindy's NY Deli.


So, after ordering my usual cheese danish and the early bird special scrambled with bacon and toast, we started talking.  We have not done this well in the past, but lately, we have finally started to gain ground in that area.  We laughed about Wade's dream. It was about a scout camp that had a lumberjack themed water park and a fat guy going down the water slide that ended in a jump into a pool.


One thing led to another and we started talking about movies.  Told him about Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Encino Man.  I think that some root beer, a big bowl of my home made buttered popcorn and Netflix are in our near future.


Party On and Be Excellent to Each Other.





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