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What size bed do you have?

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What size bed do you have  

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  1. 1. What size bed do you have

    • King, because I am king of beds. I need the space for scissoring, plus dogs and cats sleep together with me and whatever other humans can fit on.
    • Queen, because that is more adult than twin, plus I had some sheets.
    • Twin, because I live in a 1950's TV show world. The wife, who I never bang, sleeps in another twin bed. We both wear pajamas.
    • Full, because I just don't know wth is wrong with me.

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I guess we have a "homemade" California King.... a regular king, with an 8" deep shelf I built that takes up the space over the baseboard heater and gives me some more room.  There are folded up blankets and towels on the shelf to match the height of the mattress.

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Too damn small.  The border collie likes to curl up at our feet.  The dachsund, before the back injury, used to sleep under the covers against one of our backs or between one of our sets of legs (yes, the wife and I both have multiple sets of legs)  and then it is not uncommon for our nine year old son (not sure of breed for him) to also try to get in there somewhere when he has a bad dream or can't sleep.


I think we need something larger than a king.  Maybe a Dictator or OverLord sized.

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Full...because...I don't share  :P  with anyone!!   Also I had several sets of full size sheets....I thoutth about a queen when I got the new mattress..but thought I would save money since I had the sheet...well damn had to get new sheets anyway due to the mattress depth thing .  Oh well....there is lots of room for me.

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