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RANT!!! How is this possible?


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As you know, I changed meds.  One of the lovely side effects is flushing.  At certain points during the day, I am beet red and hot.  My chest, face, and even my arms and sometimes even my legs turn bright red.


Well, now I am wondering if this is side effects at play or HOT FLASHES???? !!!!!!    OR BOTH???!!!  I am still in my 40's.  I wonder if this could be perimenopause.




I am too young for this.   :angry:   (we need a red faced mad emoticon)

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Well....it could be the meds...but it could be....perimenopause ....everyone is different...I have a friend a good 6 or 7 years older than me and she still can tell the time by the hot flashes....mine (knock on wood) are much better...and rarely have hit during the day...but let me tell you about night sweats :whistle:    ....hang on for the ride...and buy a couple of personal fans :nod head:

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