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So the 53 year old male or the unknow age female


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Where to stay 2 night in New Paltz (Suzie can only handle so much of me :D )


The woman has a room out of town called a mtn get away....the guy is out of town but look like a more main road... prices are similar   Or for about $50 more I can stay in town more or less) in a Purple house...


vote please I need to reserve a room :P



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The guy is Bob..the woman is Tatiana....I don't recall the name of the people with the purple house....Bob has 3 different rooms available..Tatiana 2

Tatiana sounds like a crazy East European dominatrix with a well-used dungeon.


Bob sounds like a nice guy.


Purple houses are old and boring people because my uncle's wife's mother has a purple house and she's old and boring.

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