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History flew over my house today

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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I was surprised at the sound of the engines.  While they were loud, it was almost as if the rpm's were so low the four huge engines were almost murmuring instead of roaring.  I found myself thinking if they don't increase the engine revs that thing will fall out of the sky.  I suspect the pilot, though, knew very well what he was doing and was flying as economically as possible to burn the least fuel and prolong engine life.  Marvelous to watch - incredible to imagine men flying such a machine into battle.


History of this B-17: http://www.azcaf.org/pages/sentjourn.html

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Cool.  My son and I were sitting in the kitchen one day and we heard a rumble from the sky.  We both knew at the same instant what it was and tore out the door to see a B-17 and a B-24 fly over the house.  Really neat.  Not sure about the older planes, but the C-124 radials had a max of 2700rpm, and they really hummed.  On the before landing checklist, the pilot's call was "RPM 2350.  Gear down."  Here is a pic, of the 124, somewhere over Florida and after it got to Puerto Rico.  I had fun that trip.  :whistle:

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I have been through a B-17 when I was 18 (couldn't afford the 20 minute rides they were giving, just the crawl-through).  Still wish I could have gone up in it.  Had the same B-17 fly over my parents house on the way out of town, so I got a view of it both during the airshow and the day after.

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It's great to see these old warbirds still up in the air. B-17's, 24's, 25's and there is a B-29 still hitting the airshow circuit.


At Gary Indiana's airport there was an Iron Annie (Ju52) still flying a few years ago. Iwonder if it's still there.



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