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Another kid's race today.


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If that other kid had lost the shirt, he might have had a chance against The G.  ;)

Then he would have had scar envy.


It was emotional for me.  (for some reason every finish is).  The announcer was out on the course on a portable mic.  He asked who I was cheering on and taking pics of.  I pointed out G.  He asked for me to tell him something about G to motivate him to the finish.  I said "that little kid had open heart surgery only 5 months ago".  His eyes got huge and I swear I saw a little tear. 


As Griffin came down to the finish the announcer said over the PA "See this guy, look at his chest and you'll notice something.  This is Griffin and he had open heart surgery 5 months ago.  Griffin, you truly are an ironkid". 


A lot of people came up to him and patted him on the back and told him "way to go".  One guy even showed G his scar.


Another kid finished that had just had brain surgery a few months ago. 


The announcer was calling them all "Ironkids".  It was really moving.

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