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Good Morning


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A friend of mine band is playing from noon till 3 at a earthfest. Another friend of mine band is playing from noon till 3 at the Blind Horse winery Gourmet Food Truck Festival.

The wife and I were thinking of going mountain biking today but with all the rain last night the trails are not going to be good.

So I'm thinking we can ride to earthfest than ride to the winery (it's on the way home..sort of) for some free samples.

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Slept in until 8:00 this morning. Attended a bike week concert last night. Lots of motorcycles, beer, women, music. Went to see a local kid's band (one of my son's long time best friends) who're working their way through the 'on the rise' rock venue perform. Damn they were good! It was loud!!!

Plan to ride later with my wife.

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I fucking raged that hill.  I didn't ride like a girl at all.  Boys pulled a bunch of PRs.  There were a ton of jumps going down that hill.  Pulled off a sweet cross up off one of big jumps.  I wish I had that on camera.  It felt so smooth.  The course was like...loose rocky mess to twisty singletrack covered in pine needles.  The needles were slicker than snot on a rocket, but I just dug those tires into the corners by pushing that downward foot hard core style.  30 mph on that loose rocky stuff today.  HAHA


6 QOMs, but only because no other crazy Bitches run that downhill.  I wanted to do a second run, but boys had commitments.  BASTARDS!  I wanted MORE!  HAHA!!


New helmet is awesome.  Fits so snug.  Totally hauling ass with that thing on.  I feel so confident.    MUST RIDE MORE DOWNHILL RUNS!


Saw a timberchicken.  Those things are so stupid.  You could almost wack them with a stick.  hehee

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