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Purchasing orange juice is more complicated than purchasing band-aids

Mr. Silly

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You get to choose from no pulp, light pulp, heavy pulp, with calcium, with vitamins and calcium, 'country stand' style, with mango, with pineapple, with banana or with any combination of a half dozen other fruits.  I just want orange juice.


you know a lot of folks spent a lot of time doing market research to figure out all those different kinds of OJ, My Silly. Not to mention all the work that went into retooling the pulp extractors and vitamin injection machines.


The least you could do is show a little appreciation

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Disagree Mr. Silly.


Pulp is of the utmost importance. Heavy pulp with vitamins, calcium, but mostly extra pulp. Use the pulp that the non pulp punks don't want.


I am a huge orange juice pulp fan.  I remember being a kid and hearing other kids go, "eewwwwwww.... something is floating in my orange juice" and even as a 5 y.o. thinking, "Jumpin' Jupiter's! Grow up, it is orange juice pulp."  People who dislike pulp should be pooped on by Steven Seagull.  


But what about the other options?  Does "Country Stand" style OJ have pulp?  What about the Mango OJ?  I hope you can see  my confusion.

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