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Pumping video


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yes it does!  thanks for sharing.  Is that it, the one loop?  I think I'd get dizzy. 


hey - you pedaled!  :D


Yeah, track is super loose right now.  I throw in that quick pedal to keep up the speed and move the leg position. The kids have been tearing up the berms and the dirt.  This fall it will be expanded and we will have a second section.  Takes money and time.  Need more dirt right now and I think we will be tossing down concrete and watering to change the surface to hardpack.  


This is the nascar loop.  The other way around is much harder to get around without pedal strokes.


You bought a bike just to do that?

I have some land in South Florida for sale if you are interested.


Talks are in the works for a public pump track here too, and we do intend to hit bigger tracks but we have to drive to them.


Laugh at me as much as you need to, Sox.  I know this is good for me.  This kind of practice is pushing my mountain bike skills.  The pump track, however small, is really helping my timing and lifting skills.  


It may be small, but the tight corners are strangely challenging, especially when it has loose dirt.  

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Do you have a dirt jump area in town? I'd rather play there.


BMX track, but haven't rally gone over there much.  Like I said, gotta travel to bigger pump tracks and we intend to do that.


It is small, yes, but the corners are challenging.  The track is a tad hard, because the rhythm is different throughout the course.  It very easy to sit there from your keyboard and say that the track sucks and that it looks boring.  Whatever.


We all love pump track Sunday.  Soon, we will have more expansion.  Rome was not built in a day.  

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I'm with Bosox...that looks like it would get old after 5 minutes


but hey, if you are having fun that's what its all about


If you try to do the track without pedaling, it is very aerobic.  You are out of breathe in a few minutes.  As I build my interval stamina, it will help for race season.  My next race is a cyclo, and it will be challenging for me.  It is not my sport.  Me and a GF are racing it together.  The fees go to a great cause too, it is for trail monies.

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