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Why have they made finding light bulbs so hard?


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Not the ones you screw in inside the house, mind you, but our outdoor carriage lamps are the same socket --and now the vast majority of bulbs (especially energy-efficient ones) either are too large to fit, or aren't rated for enclosures, or temperatures, or dampness.  When I did find a few that looked like they work, they're rated for half the brightness


I had three halogen bulbs in these that were super-bright, and two went out in the past year after several years of operation.  The exact replacement is nowhere to be found.

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Your Nanny State Federal Government decided that bright outdoor lights were not what you wanted, or should have, or would be allowed (one of those three)


Under the pretense of "energy savings" or "Green" initiatives, they have made it prohibitively expensive for companies to manufacture replacements of your bulbs.


Instead, you should be happy to "do your part" and use half assed, more expensive, and significantly dimmer outdoor lights


If this is not to your satisfaction, then you must be a redneck, homophobe, and/or racist and so your protests will only land you on the No-Fly list as a domestic terrorist

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